Introduction to Studies

It is divided into three categories based in proportion to: interest, aptitude, and, courses taken in the second grade. Using a computer in every class, courses above 300 in word processing and personal computing have been established.


Knowledge and technology are mastered in the wide field of Commerce. A various curriculum which matches people ranging from those who want to learn the basics in order to aim at entrance into a higher educational facility to those who have adopted the course requirements from the second grade in order to center around commercial cultural subjects.


Data processing skills and knowledge are mainly taught. In the third grade it is divided into those courses that aim to teach the skills for a professional occupation in data processing and entrance to a higher educational facility and those courses that aim to teach the skills needed for employment focusing on desk work involving personal computers and word processors.


Mainly about bookkeeping it teaches: ledger entry, profit and loss calculation, management analysis, and business taxation. Computer and word processor operational skills are taught and supported with the abilities needed for a desk job. Studies that build the foundation for a licensed tax accountant as well as tests for a chartered public accountant are also carried out.