Introduction of Shioji Elementary School
1.Introduction of Shioji Elementary School

(1) History
Shioji Elementary School was established in 1939.This year is the 78th.
Official commendation called “Best school of Physical Education in Aichi”in2015.

(2) Number of children and classes(2021/April)
○ 828students
○ 29classes
*including 3 classes for special needs
*The School is one of the biggest in Nagoya.

(3) School facilities

【Shioji Grove is on the grounds of the School.】
“Kusunoki”(camphor trees)and“Enoki”(hackberries)are The main species in the
grove.There are a pond and river there,so children can play amid the abundant
nature with which the school is blessed.
【rooftop pool】
This is located on the third floor,above The administration building,and from hear
children can enjoy looking out over the urban area.Annually,swimming training begins in the middle of June.

(4) Surrounding district
Shioji Elementary School is locateed in the center of Mizuho word.The school is in a
quiet residential area with Yamazaki River(which is famous as a beautiful cherry blossom
site)to the east,Mizuho shopping arcade to the west,and Nagoya City Museum and
Nagoya City University Hospital to the north.PTA members and other people in this area
are helpful to school.In 2004,The PTA received “an award for its cooperation in traffic
safety measures in Nagoya-City”

(5) Twilight school
Shioji Elementary School is part of the Twilight school project,which makes school facilities
available to local children of different grades to play and study outside of regular class
times.It is open after school to 18:00 on school days,and from 9:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays.

2.The Educational Objectives

The school motto is “The Spirit of 3Ki(minds)”

The school has a statue called “the spirit of ‘Ki’”.We would like to teach the spirit of 3‘Ki’to children.

The Spirits of 3‘Ki’is,
○ Genki(vitality)
…to bring up children who are robust
○ Waki(harmony)
…to bring up children who are kind
○ Konki(perseverance)
…to bring up children who are patient